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Natural Product for Weight Loss & Cholesterol Management

Clinically proven

SlimSip helps to reduce appetite, weight and decrease the cholesterol levels by 3 different mechanisms, upon hydration the active substance (Glucomannan) forms a high-viscosity gel and expands its volume which lead to long-lasting sensation of satiety, appetite reduction, and it moves the food slowly throughout the digestive system, which helps reduce the size of meals and the intake of snacks.

The decrease in cholesterol levels effect caused by the decrease in re-absorption of bile acids which lead to Increase in the synthesis of bile acids from circulating cholesterol from the body’s deposits.

Active Ingredients:

Natural, water-soluble dietary fiber called “Glucomannan”

How to Use

Adults and children from age 16

dissolve one sachet in one glass of water and drink 2-3 glasses of water 30 minutes before meals

For Weight Loss

one sachet 30 minutes before the meal (3 sachets per day)

For Cholesterol Control

4 sachets in one or more daily servings

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