Global Footprint with Swiss Heritage

Welcome to CEDEM AG, an international Swiss privately-owned Nutraceuticals company including Vitamins, food supplements, and minerals. We are distinguished in developing, marketing, and selling innovative, targeted, and traditionally Swiss-quality products, with a vision to be every member of a family partner in wellbeing. Our products cover the most fundamental needs for Women, Men and childrenʼs Health, in addition to a unique blend formulated products for better aging, longevity, and body performance.

In 1991, Dr. Martin Schmid laid the foundation for CEDEM AG with groundbreaking, high-quality vitamins. In 2016, after many years of experience in the same industry, our Presidents & Founder Rasha Oudeh took over the company to realize her vision: to develop powerful and pioneering premium products for a healthier, happier, and longer lives.

The company has been grown into a multinational level with several branches in different parts of the world, including Frankfurt, New York, Amman, and Lagos.

CEDEM AG produces a varied of over 60 products for the entire family, reaching markets in more than 25 countries spanning the Middle East, Africa, China, and Vietnam via a B2B business model. and in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland via a B2C, leveraging on platforms like Amazon and other online retail platforms.

Our Mantra

Healthier, Happier & Longer Lives

Stemming from our belief that the person is and must always remain the priority, our modus operandi is to remain connected to people, listen to their needs and create what they really want: healthier, happier & longer lives.

Our News

Our Blog

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Individuals experiencing muscle and leg cramps often compare them to a lightning strike because their sudden onset and intense pain.

CEDAL: Your Go-To Remedy for Dry Cough Relief and Soothing Throat Comfort

Coughing serves as a natural defense mechanism employed by the body to expel microbes and foreign objects from the airway.

Elevate Your Well-being: Enhancing Heart Health, Immunity, and Metabolism

There are increasingly evident connections between inadequate intake of specific nutrients (Vitamin Deficiency) and the likelihood of developing chronic conditions
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