CEDEM’s Products are Now Available in Nigeria

As part of expanding our territories and reaching new markets, we are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our effervescent tablets line in Nigeria, one of the largest markets in Africa.

Nigeria’s large market offers great growth potential as it serves a significant population in Africa. To support this expansion, we have partnered with a top distributor in Nigeria known for their wide reach and influence in the region.

We are proud to introduce four of our top-ranked products that are now available in Nigeria:

  1. VitaCed Immune Plus
  2. VitaCed Calcium + Vitamin C 1g
  3. VitaCed Multivitamin
  4. VitaCed Multi KIDS

These products are widely recognized for their effectiveness and superior quality. By launching them in Nigeria, we aim to provide the Nigerian population with access to premium wellness solutions.

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