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Multivitamin and Minerals During Pregnancy and Lactation


High quality multivitamins and minerals supplement specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of women before, during and after pregnancy.

MamiCed supplies the body with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for women during pregnancy and lactation.

It provides vitamins and minerals for increasing the demand in an optimal way and support the development and growth of the fetus and child.

MamiCed contains Folic acid which is necessary for the healthy development of the fetus and to protect against any neuronal damage.

It contains all essential vitamins that help support the overall health of the fetus during pregnancy and the child during lactation and provides the necessary requirements for the development of neuronal and cardiovascular health.

Active ingredients

-Phosphorus 125mg, Beta Carotene 0.7mg, Vitamin C 80mg, Niacin 18mg, Vitamin E 15mg, Pantothenic acid 6mg, Vitamin B12 0.0026mg, Vitamin B2 1.4mg, Vitamin B6 1.9mg, Vitamin B1 1.4mg, Folic acid 0.5mg, Iodine 0.14mg, Vitamin K1 0.075mg, Biotin 0.03mg, Selenium 0.06mg, Vitamin D3 0.005mg, Calcium 200mg, Magnesium 150mg, Iron 15mg, Zinc 11mg, Copper 1m, Molybdenum 0.05mg, Manganese 2mg, Chromium 0.029mg

How to use

Take one tablet per day.

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