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Training for Employment

Training for Employment is a carefully-drafted program to enable Jordanian young females to take a step into an international career. The training aims to prepare Jordanian women for operating in a vibrant, ever-changing, international business environment, supporting them in growing to be managers and leaders of tomorrow.

Jordan is characterized by its young population, high unemployment rates, reaching 18% in 2017, low participation of women in the labor force, female to male ratio in labor force participation in 2017 was recorded at 21.9, and an economy in which small and medium enterprises (SMEs) constitute 95% of its economy. Women’s entrepreneurship and business education are important factors for economic growth and development. An increase in poor women’s income often leads to relatively higher spending on family welfare, critical for reaching key national development goals in areas such girls’ education.

Training for Employment focuses on bringing relevant business concepts in understandable and creative form and merging it with skill-building workshops as well as coaching sessions to maximize individual potential. Personalized and practical nature of the training enables the participants to not only acquire the knowledge but adopt the new understandings into work culture and apply newly-build skills from day one.

“It has been a long journey up along the road, from a limited salary to an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry with an annual turnover of millions of dollars, and from being a governmental employee to an owner, shareholder and director of several Jordanian, Swiss and German companies with more than 30 regional and international traders and business partners around the globe” – Rasha Oudeh, CEDEM CEO

Rasha Oudeh started this initiative as she is passionate about sharing her expertise and experience gathered over years of her professional career. It was prepared in partnership with another four members of the Founders Team:

Dr. Sabine Von OsterreichTagreed al ShunnarNadia Shnoudeh and Mary Senkowska. all devoted to make a difference in Jordanian education of females for an international career.

It is our priority to deliver the training that enables the students to build a skill of taking a big-picture perspective, recognizing transferable experiences and interlinks in the business world, as well as internalizing business concepts within the context of current environment. The bite-sized content is arranged in two categories: Startups & Entrepreneurs and The concepts and approaches of the private labeling industry.

The program comes in 2 parts: