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Private Labeling

CEDEM AG does not only offer  clients  a wide selection of products from their own brand, but also offers a set of different  services such as private labeling, for customers who wish to manufacture a product with their own brand name.

Private Labeling  also known as phantom branding enables customers to create their own branded product simply by selecting the formula they require from a set of existing formulas and dosages. After that the customer just need to add their own touch by creating a product design, choosing their package, and selecting the bran name they desire. With private Labeling creating your own branded product has never been easier. 

Quality Consulting Services

CEDEM AG offers quality services to companies that wish to gain high quality standards. Food supplement manufacturers, health distributors, and companies in the pharmaceutical industry could reach such standards through our quality consultant’s experience in Quality Management Systems.

Our vision is to provide companies with professional quality services that will help them reach their desired high quality standard. With our help, companies will be able to acquire an ISO certificate which will help them increase business operation efficiency, as well as, tackle the most difficult challenges in the modern business environment.