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VitaCed Calcium + Vit D3


The combination of calcium and vitamin D helps strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Calcium cannot be absorbed properly without the presence of vitamin D.

Vitamin D enables the formation of calcitriol, a hormone that regulates levels of calcium in the body and bone growth.

Calcitriol facilitates the absorption of calcium from the intestines, It also decreases the rate at which calcium is excreted in urine, thus helping raise calcium levels in the body.

Active Ingredient (per Tablet):

-Calcium (500 mg), Vitamin D3 (5 µg)

How to use:

Dissolve and drink two effervescent tablets per day in a glass of water (250 ml)

Recommended for: menopausal women, women who want to prevent osteoporosis, people who suffer from back pain, people recovering from fractures and athletics.

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