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Royal Jelly

Helps in modulating sex hormones

Cedem’s Royal Jelly is a natural dietary supplement produced by bees, which helps in modulating sex hormones. It is rich in Amino Acids, Lipids, Sugars, Vitamins, Fatty Acids, Iron and Calcium.
Royal Jelly helps in enhancing men and women’s fertility. In men, Royal Jelly potentially benefits testosterone levels as it speeds up the process of conversing DHEA into testosterone and it also increases the sperm’s motility. In women, clinical evidence shows that Royal Jelly has a positive effect on ovulation. Thus, it is recommended for enhancing the fertility of women with estrogen levels that are below healthy and normal levels.

Active Ingredients:
Royal Jelly.

Dosage and Administration:
Take 1-2 capsules per day, or as prescribed by the health care provider.

60 capsules per bottle.