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Pery Spray


Pery Spray naturally cleanses the nose from allergens and impurities to help prevent symptoms of nasal congestion.

Pery Spray hydrates , lubricates, soothes and helps reduce nasal dryness.

Helps to alleviate the nose dryness that is caused by : Air conditions , dust , dry air, allergies, common cold, sinusitis.

Pery Spray helps re-balance the nose and reduce the risk of further nasal conditions.

Formulated with Aloe Vera & Dexpanthenol to provide long lasting nasal moisture and comfort.

With no known side effects

Pery Spray is suitable for the whole family (adults and children aged 2 years and older) and during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Active Ingredients:

Isotonic Seawater (0,9%), Dexpantheno, Aloe Vera Extract, Methylparaben, Tromethamine

 How to Use

Two (2) spray puffs in each nostril.

Can be used multiple times a day.

PDF Download Available Below

Pery Spray Brochure English