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CéDal Syrup

Natural Ingredients to Help During Cough & Cold


Contributes to a healthy cough response and normal production and movement of the mucosal secretions.

Relaxes bronchial and respiratory muscle spasms and gently soothes dry inflamed and irritated mucus membranes.

CéDal’s natural composition is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

 It’s also safe for children above one-year-old.

CéDal  doesn’t cause undesired side effects such as : drowsiness

Active Ingredients:

-Natural Honey (60 g), Lemon Essence (30 g), Strawberry Essence (23 g), Chamomile (57 g).

How to Use:

Adults: one tablespoon every 8 hours.

Children: half tablespoon every 8 hours.

*In Lemon and Strawberry Flavor

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