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Helps in enhancing women’s fertility

Myofol is a food supplement indicated for enhancing the fertility of adult females with PCOS. Myofol helps in regulating the menstrual cycle, optimizing the ovarian function, supporting a healthy ovulation, and hence it helps in enhancing female’s fertility.

The Myo-inositol and the White Kidney Beans Extract work on reducing the excess levels of insulin circulating in the blood. And since the increased ovarian production of androgen metabolic features leading to PCOS can be related to the excessive amounts of insulin, the two actives work together on enhancing female’s fertility.

The addition of Folic Acid reduces the risk of birth defects when taken around the time of conception.

Active Ingredients:
Myo-inositol, Folate, and White Kidney Beans Extract.

Dosage and Administration:
For adults: Take 1 sachet per day, or as prescribed by the health care provider. Dissolve the content of the sachets into a glass of water prior

28 sachets of water-dispersible granules per box.
Also available in 14 sachets per box.