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CèBaby Liquid Talc

Helps Soothe Baby Skin and Protects Against Nappy Rash

Parabens free

Dermatologically Tested

A liquid talc cream designed to care for and protect delicate baby skin.

Unlike normal talcum powder, liquid talc can be precisely applied to the desired area without powder residue.

CèBaby Liquid Talc contains pharmaceutical grade talcum powder, which absorbs surface moisture and leaves a thin layer to protect the skin.

Its formula is enriched with chamomile extract and chamomile oil, which provide relief from inflammation and irritation.

Wheat proteins moisturizes and softens the outer layer of baby’s skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.

Active Ingredients:

-Pharmaceutical Grade Talcum powder, Chamomile extract, Chamomile oil, Wheat protein

How to Use

Gently apply onto clean and dry skin

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