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Endogenous antioxidant that supports fertility

CoQ10 naturally occurs in the body, however its production levels begin to drop with age due to oxidative stress. In relation to oxidative stress, the woman’s body becomes less effective in protecting the eggs from the resulting oxidative damage. In a similar manner, the man’s body becomes less efficient in protecting the sperms from the oxidative damage. Hence the anti-oxidative properties of CoQ10 may helpfully attribute to a reduced decline in the woman’s egg and help improve the quality of the eggs and the sperms, therefore CoQ10 supplement contributes to enhancing men’s and women’s fertility.

Other potential effects of CoQ10: it may contribute to a healthier cardiovascular system, to the prevention of cancer, and to protect the brain from oxidative damage, and it has been reported that it may help people suffering from migraines by potentially decreasing the frequency of these headaches.

Active Ingredients:
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Dosage and Administration:
Take 1 capsule per day, or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

30 Capsules per Bottle.