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Based in Frankfurt, Germany, our CEDEM Germany branch was founded in 2016 as a pivotal opening for our branding and private labeling commercial transaction in Europe.

In 2017 it becomes the sole representative of the FIZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center in the MENA region. The focus of FiZ synergy projects is placed on precision medicine and disruptive business models in the healthcare sector. 

Precision Medicine

Known as medical care designed to optimize efficiency or therapeutic benefits for particular groups of patients, using genetic or molecular profiling, CEDEM Germany explores how genetic information is used to characterize a person’s disease, as well as provide doctors with a more accurate diagnosis and treatment options. We take into account individual variability in genes, environments, and lifestyles for each person.  Understanding the role of precision medicine and genetic changes in cancer cells, we’ve created a CSR program designed specifically to support people and populations in the Middle East battling this disease.


The German OptiCancer Test : 

OptiCancer is a market-oriented technology that improves public healthcare in emerging markets, through tailoring cancer treatments via genetic profiling. Using our technology, we are able to analyze every detail of the molecular-genetic structure of an individuals’ cancer tissue, while creating a mutational landscape that provides a bigger picture. We then compare this landscape to information aggregated on other cancer tissues, found in scientific journals, clinical studies, and databases.

When a match is discovered, a list of treatment options are indexed, and the doctor is presented with a assumptive report – aiding in the decision making process for the patient.

News reports have stated that cancer deaths will more than double in the Middle East by 2030. We want to do something about that. Spearheading the initiative in Germany, our team looks forward to many more years of working to promote health and wellness on a sustainable level.

For more information on the OptiCancer project and Precision Medicine, visit our website  www.opticancer.net or our videos :

English video , German video , French video   & Arabic video