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CEDEM AG – Germany

The Frankfurt based CEDEM AG Germany was founded in 2016 as a branch of CEDEM AG Switzerland. CEDEM AG Germany is the sole representative of the FIZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center in the MENA region. The focus of FiZ synergy projects is placed on precision medicine and disruptive business models in the healthcare sector. 

Precision medicine describes how genetic information is used to characterize a person’s disease, and provide doctors with more accurate diagnosis and treatment options; This in turn gives patients a higher rate of survival. Cancer is a disease of the genome, and as more is learned about cancer tumors, the more we can find that each tumor has its own set of genetic changes. Understanding the genetic changes in cancer cells is leading to more effective treatment strategies that are tailored to the genetic profile of each patient’s cancer.

CEDEM AG Germany wishes to Implement Precision Medicine in the form of OptiCancer as a market-oriented technology which improves public healthcare in emerging markets, by tailoring cancer treatments with the use of genetic profiling. 

 OptiCancer analyzes every detail of molecular-genetic structure of an individual’s cancer tissue, and gathers all cancer-relevant genetic mutations into a mutational landscape. This mutational landscape is then compared to information from other cancer tissues, which has been gathered from renowned scientific journals, clinical studies and highly specialized computer databases. When there is a match between a patients mutational landscape and another in the database, a list of possible treatment options are indexed. The doctor is is presented with a summative report with a list of suitable therapies which can aid in making an improved decision regarding the patients treatment.

For more information on the OptiCancer project and Precision Medicine, visit our website  www.opticancer.net or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/OptiCancer