Rasha Oudeh told us her story to become a leader which turned into a standing ovation. Born and raised in Jordan, Rasha grew up in a humbled family as the oldest with seven siblings. With the parents not educated at all, Rasha’s youth was characterised by a lot of responsibilities.


She attended a community college paid by her aunt, teaching Windows 95 and 97, largely contributing to family finances when her father retired. When at 27 being offered a job in the pharma industry, she fought one of the most significant fights with herself.

”I cannot think I’m smart.”

Rasha’s background and the voice of her father implanted in her head fought against her ambition. In the end, her courage won.

”It needs a transformation surgeon to transform your mind.”

Working in two distinct cultures – Germany and the Middle East – she especially had to fight in the Middle East against the stereotype of a secretary, fighting income, sexual and social pressures.

This unimaginable environment did not discourage her. After years of choosing from what is given, Rasha decided to choose what she wants, definitely defeating the ”avoid” mindset her father has equipped her with. From that point on, she stopped evaluating the world in terms of what is forbidden.


Even though it has been hard, she reflects upon that time and draws out key lessons for ones still on that path to finding the confidence in themselves:

1- Fear is something that only you can see, and that affects you a lot.

2- You need sustainable human relations to function properly.

3- Be focused! Focus is the margin between fail and success.

4- Enjoy giving back your experience and competence.

5- Go out of your comfort zone.

This story proved that leadership is not an inborn, genetically predicted skill but a learnt mindset that can be fostered with education and coaching – it is all in your mind.

What do you think – is leadership genetic or subject to mindset?

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