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Dead Sea Parcel

Dead Sea Parcel is a carefully-designed project to be a part of Jordan’s efforts to combat poverty, unemployment and refugees problems.

Jordan is one of the countries most affected by the Syria crisis, with the second highest share of refugees compared to its population in the world, 89 refugees per 1,000 inhabitants. The majority of Syrian refugees in Jordan live in urban areas and in poverty: over 80% live below the poverty line. 51% of refugees are children, and 4% are elderly. The Government of Jordan has taken steps to open formal employment opportunities for Syrians. 46,000 work permits were issued in 2017 alone.

Jordan is characterized by its young population, high unemployment rates, reaching 18% in 2017, low participation of women in the labor force, female to male ratio in labor force participation in 2017 was recorded at 21.9, and an economy in which small and medium enterprises (SMEs) constitute 95% of its economy.

Jordan’s traditional products and natural resources, especially the Dead Sea minerals and saults, the holy olive trees and the Aloe Vera abstracts are mostly harvested or collected by women. Each product takes not less than 9 months of hard work to prepare the raw materials to be finished products.  

Dead Sea Parcel Project helps to sustain the living of hard working women who also utilize their limited resources to help more than 1.4 million Syrian refugees (mostly women and children).  Export sales represent more than 90% of Dead Sea products while 75% of women businesses in Jordan are not involved in any trade activities. Lack of access to global markets led to the fact that 37% of women businesses have annual sales of less than 3500 J.D. This amount leaves nothing for them to support themselves or their children.

My business journey takes me daily from the lowest point on earth to unlimited scenes of success. The Dead Sea is a starting point to help those who have the passion to take the hard but inspirational way of achieving their dreams.  Rasha Oudeh / CEDEM CEO

Our idea is to provide this parcel of Dead Sea products as a gift from you to your friend, family and customers which will have very far reaching results for countless women and families in Jordan. For a 9.99 € you can purchase this gift parcel and you will have a carefully hand-crafted Dead Sea products made by the women in Jordan to give as a gift to your friends and family.