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Corporate Social Responsibility 

We have managed to restructure CEDEM AG and to expand its operations in Germany, Switzerland, Jordan and the UK, as well as in other markets. As a Jordanian living abroad, Ms. Oudeh is deeply committed to share her insights, expertise and knowledge with fellow Jordanians, and to keep engaged in Jordan’s economy. This objective is also consistent with donor organizations’ strategies.

“It has been a long journey up along the road, from a limited salary to an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry with an annual turnover of millions of dollars, and from being a governmental employee to an owner, shareholder and director of several Jordanian, Swiss and German companies with more than 30 regional and international traders and business partners around the globe”  Rasha Oudeh/ CEO


CEDEM has its own regional office in Jordan, which is well staffed with qualified human resources and facilities to follow up CEDEM’s operations in Jordan and the rest of the MENA region. Most of Cedem’s employees are females and they graduate of the Jordanian German University.

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