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CEDEM Jordan

As our Regional Office branch in Amman, CEDEM Jordan oversees our company wide logistics and sales for expanding and emerging markets in the Middle East. As we work to move past our European borders and into MENA regions that present viable consumer opportunities, we work through CEDEM Jordan to identify targeted market segments, work to curate new products and marketing schemes, and overall adjust to the new type of experience working within the Middle East.

Most of CEDEM’s employees are females, graduating from the Jordanian German Universitywith Dr. Amjad Aryan, the owner and founder of Pharmacy 1, serving on our CEDEM Board. As a collection of other key players in the industry, constant discussion and collaboration ensues as to how we can make the world a better place.

At the same time, CEDEM has already signed distribution agreements with as many Arabic companies and other interested countries, like KSA , Iraq , Qatar, UAE and Lebanon  and so forth, to market CEDEM brand throughout the world.

Together, all of our CEDEM branches work in harmony to ensure product design, testing, distribution, and measurement is occurring in tandem. We crosscheck our work, ideas, and suggestions, for one comprehensive CEDEM experience.