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Welcome to CEDEM AG, a renowned firm in healthcare and pharmaceuticals based in Switzerland. We are delighted to know that you are interested in our company for your career growth. If you are a talented and a self-motivated person, we can assure you that your career will experience an immense boost at our organization. We value the talent and reward it appropriately.

We are poised to provide a competitive yet friendly environment where you can channelize your potential, and contribute towards your own growth as well as the organization’s development. We also consistently work towards ensuring that all employees are offered best-in-industry compensation packages and given an ethical, structured and fair work ambiance.

Our policies have been formulated to promote your career growth through the right tools and training. You can search for relevant jobs and apply for the same here.

Rewards & Benefits

We offer fair compensation to our employees and also reward them for excellence in their performance. Apart from that, there are numerous benefits associated within the job at CEDEM AG.


We have a diverse nature of work at CEDEM AG including the manufacturing of food supplements and medicines etc. You will have quite an enriching experience working with us.

Career Growth

CEDEM AG has a wide range of products in its kitty that spans medical equipment, health supplements, health cosmetics and so on. This ensures a rapid and inclusive career growth.

A Journey To a Brighter Career

Why Choose CEDEM AG?

With an extensive experience and a vast array of products, CEDEM is a promising employer. The work ethics and the ambiance are congenial for the overall development of your skills and career graph. As an employee, you will get to learn new skills that will further boost your career growth.

Moreover, you will get to work with many  experts from different countries and cultures that will enhance your communication and adaptation capabilities. Additional advantages of working with us:

a) We are an employee-friendly firm.
b) We offer good compensation, perks, and privileges to our employees.
c) The employees get to work in a healthy atmosphere ideal for development.
d) The employees also get to learn about varied healthcare and pharmaceutical skills.

Work and Life at CEDEM AG?

At CEDEM, we strive to provide a pleasant work atmosphere by inculcating interaction within the team members as well as members of other teams. We promote a healthy work-life balance among the employees so that their growth in the organization is uninhibited and inclusive. We provide them with the most advanced tools and platforms so they are able to perform their duties in the best possible way.

How to Apply for a Job?

To avail a chance to work for us, you need to fulfill certain criteria. If we feel that you have the suitable requirements, you will be shortlisted and called for the interview. Aspiring candidates can find relevant jobs and apply for them through our career portal. If you are interested in training and internship, you can contact us as we provide industry based training where you learn the different aspects of food supplements and medical equipment manufacturing.

Who are we ?

We are the producers of healthcare products, such as Food Supplement, Vitamins, and Cosmetics. Our expertise does not stop there, our 25+ years of experience gives us a leading status in the private brand labelling business




Typical responsibilities of the job include:

Answering telephone calls
Maintaining diaries
Arranging appointments
Taking messages
Typing and word processing
Organizing and servicing meetings (producing agendas and taking minutes)
Managing databases
Prioritizing workloads
Handling correspondence
Implementing new procedures and administrative systems


Diploma of Administration
2-3 years secretary experience & computer skills
Strong organizational skills
Strong interpersonal and communications skills (oral & written)
Spoken languages: minimum German & English