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About Us

Setup back in 1991, CEDEM AG has had a fulfilling journey of 25 years. It was established as a noteworthy supplier of many healthcare products in Switzerland, and over the years spread across many other European nations and parts of the world.

We started with a few products at the onset and showed rapid growth. Now we have an enviable range of products from food supplements to medical devices and personal care products. We have contributed to the well-being of the people in a major way, and our customers recognize it. Since our inception, we have not only focused on creating turn-key products for our valued customers but also worked towards forging a great and long-lasting relation with them.

In an attempt to proliferate our business and serve many customers, we have also started to supply our distribution partners in food, health and pharmacy sectors situated at different locations around the world. We have achieved several milestones over the years, and each one of them has further pushed us into realizing our dream, to promote wellness across the world with our groundbreaking healthcare products.

After 25 years of our establishment, we still work with the same enthusiasm and passion for producing a range of quality healthcare products



CEDEM AG’s network is operated by dedicated directors and employees who share the same values and code of professional ethics in order to provide unique services to pharmaceuticals companies in emerging Markets.






Our vision is to expand in European markets and to become the leading service provider of healthcare products for emerging markets, strike the MENA region with our own unique private label services, and continue to sell CEDEM AG’s brands through different distributors in different countries.